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Words of praise for A Heart So Broken:

Great YA read! Its a about girl named Jenna Tucker, who’s going through the grief of losing her Dad while serving in Iraq. In her grief she gets involved with the wrong crowd and heads towards a downward spiral. Her mother sends her to live with her Aunt for the summer to sort out her life. I could identify with Jenna. My heart broke for her as she was dealing with the hurt of losing her own father, the anger to know that only one had survived. This is definetly a page turner. I loved the romance that developed for Jenna. I probably could have stayed up all night to read this one, but after being up all day I chose to sleep. And finish this in two days. This is a debut novel . Great job Christene!! Can’t wait to read your next one. :) – Cindy

A Heart So Broken is a beautiful story of young love, a broken heart, and learning to trust. I definitely recommend this book! – Meagan

I appreciate clean, wholesome entertainment, and this book certainly was. The development of the characters and the unfolding of the plot was a book that is not easy to set down! I cried and laughed during the read and I also liked the ending. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes YA and love stories! – Stacy

Just finished reading “A Heart So Broken”. I couldn’t put it down. What a great story with even better characters! I loved the sincerity of the author and how easy it was to feel for the characters. Anyone looking for a good book will not be disappointed with this one! – Amanda

I just finished this book and I can say I miss the characters already! Author Christene Houston did a great job at building up the characters to emotionally touch it’s readers. This book is about young love and the obstacles it can face when challenged by the curve balls life often throws at us. The love, friendships, pain, grief, happiness, remorse etc was all conveyed so delicately to the reader which really helped to draw me in and not want to put the book down. Great book, highly recommended. – Jenna

I started reading this book a few nights ago and had to force myself to put it down and go to sleep, only to wake up and finish it the next morning! I felt like I was in the story and understood each character’s personality, feelings and perspective. I really enjoyed the writing style and how the plot unfolded, not too fast or too slow. Of course most of us can relate to Jenna’s character in one way or another and I was cheering her on, smiling proudly at her courage and strength. I loved the patriotic theme and mentions of faith and prayer. Definitely worth reading! – Sandy

I truly enjoyed reading “A Heart So Broken” experiencing emotions ranging from laughing to crying and several in between. A wonderful book especially for a first time published author. Hold on for an unexpected twist. – Jamie

This was an amazing first book by a very talented author. I was drawn into the story from the first page. She did a great job developing the characters and their feelings. I was impressed by how real they felt in my mind as I read. While reading I cried several times, with different emotions, which in my opinion makes a book great. The writing is very descriptive and the story unfolds nicely. This was an easy book to read and I enjoyed it very much. – Melanie

I loved this book! A sweet love story and a fantastic moral message that wasn’t preachy. I am looking forward to sharing this book not only with my 12 yro daughter but with my 14 yro son. – Krishelle

I have always been a military supporter and those who protect us on a daily basis are already hereos in my book, and there families also. So many families have lost a father, son, brother who have given the ultimate sacrafice, those families will never be the same. Oh the joys of young love, the hope and the terror! Your main characters Jenna and Cooper, finally put it together and find love and respect for each other. The end of the book was the best when Jenna is able to forgive and then help another in so much pain…very touching and heart warming.  Overall I found A Heart So Broken to be very loving, powerful, joyful, emotional, and tear jerking.   You were able to bring all those aspects together in such great detail. The story was fantastic. – Jon

O my!!! Words can not express how much I loved your book! I am so sad that there isn’t more to feed this craving! Well written and very easy to get lost into! I couldn’t put it down! Thank you for telling such a beautiful story so well! Excited to read it all over again, which I don’t do very often! Can’t wait to read more from you! Thank you! – Cassie

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