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My book started out with some 220,000+ words. As my first try at writing anything, it was large and fluffy and full of great things. When I got the first review from my Style Editor, the news was great with a few caveats. I needed to snuff out my longwinded-ness. My first thought was….what? This is my baby! How can I chop off an arm or a leg? The idea seemed impossible! Given a few days of pondering I started to see my book not as a baby but as a young sapling being trained toward the light. In order for it to become the might oak I know it can be, there has to be some pruning. The great thing is, I’m holding the shears I and I know just where to cut and what has to be left alone. The last few weeks have been just that, pruning a branch here, a twig...

Everything She Writes….

Welcome to my blog. This is a place where you will hear the musings of a writer in action. I’ll be posting about my upcoming release date (so excited!!), chatting up the revision process and all the details of becoming a self published author. Want to know the deets? Stick around.

More on the way…

Check back soon as the website continues to unfold. Soon you will be able to purchase my new book – A Heart So Broken. Click here for info about the book.

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