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Going to Bootcamp

This.   This Saturday.   Happy Birthday to ME!

I’m on Amazon!!

It’s raining here, a perfect downpour while the babies sleep and I’m up writing a post that seems surreal… Today a wonderful friend (thanks Andrea) happened to check Amazon.com and see that my book, A Heart So┬áBroken, is listed there and ready for sale. I thought it would be weeks before they would get me up, but there it is, looking so great! I’m so excited! This has definitely been a long time coming! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve walked through the library or book store and imagined my book on the shelf right at the front, the place where people stop the moment they walk in, mezmerized by covers and words and stories that beckon them closer. This isn’t a brick and mortar bookstore, but it’s just as...

The Pile Up

Mind if we chat for just a minute? I hope you don’t mind looking through a few of the pictures I took last year during my trip through Wyoming while we talk… Ever feel like things are piling up. Things that make your shoulders tighten up in knots and threaten the peace of your spirit. It’s been like that lately. My sister came to visit with her beautiful daughters and I wanted to steal them away forever. This girl, my sister, has been my friend since before life. I just know it. When her cute little toes touch Vegas soil I put everything aside so we can spend time together. She’s a doll maker and clothing designer for American Girl Dolls. We brainstormed all kinds of ideas and I’ll keep you posted when her website is up and running....

Dripping in Sugar {Recipe}

This weekend, we spent some much needed family time, soaking in good words and wonderful music. Saturday I made up a batch of these sweet little confections. They’re the overnight variety from this wonderful little place called Our Best Bites. I let the kids help a little, but cooking is kind of therapeutic for me…so I tend to get absorbed and it’s tough to balance their curiosity with my perfectionism. Don’t get me wrong, there’s lots of teaspoon pouring, kid mixing, egg cracking goodness in this house for my little ones. But sometimes, you just need to cook without any ‘help’. The next morning, while we were gathering our notebooks and setting out treats to help the kids tune in, these babies were rising, then...

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