I love a good party. Surround in the literary shroud of a Book Club and I’m in heaven. Friday night we got to visit with Julianne DonaldsonĀ about Edenbrooke. She was passing through Vegas on her way to CA. What a delight that she could spare some time for us to pick her brain about our favorite romance with Marianne and Phillip. *Sigh* Here’s the little vignette I came up with to decorate – complete with the letter from Phillip to Marianne. My toes melted as I typed this up. Talk about delightful! Julianne is on deadline for her next book, Blackmoore, and every one of us is awaiting its publication with high anticipation. Good luck in your writing, Julianne! My favorite part of this night was rubbing shoulders with new and old friends, ladies I...

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