Summer Book Trek

Last night I stayed up late reading one of my faves. It had been one of those tiring days – good but tiring. And by 7:30pm I was in my pajamas, dozing on the couch. I “went to bed” and fully intended to go straight to sleep, giving in to waves of exhaustion. And then it happened. I opened this book because I needed a little pick me up. Let’s just say I didn’t get to bed as early as planned, but it was SO worth it! Sometimes a great read is just what you need. Am I right? Well, if you agree, come follow along with the Summer Book Trek! There are some great books up for grabs (my book may be one of them, hint, hint!) and there is nothing wrong with making a goal to read. Here’s my list for The Summer Book Trek {July 2013}:  ...

Weekend Inspiration

Feeling so blessed that I have just the right man for...

Last Day of School

We’re partying over here again – It’s the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Woohoo!! See you all soon!


Today, thirteen years ago, I married a young hunky guy with green eyes and dark hair. His eyes are still green, though his hair is just touched with gray now. I think it makes him more handsome. We’re celebrating coming so far, and shooting for the moon. Hope you all enjoy your Monday too!

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