Summer Break

The other day I got a message from Facebook, one of those forlorn notes dropped in my inbox that said something like, “We haven’t heard from you lately…” It dripped with quiet wondering… Does she even like me anymore? Is it something I said? Are we…breaking up??? The next day a dear writing friend messaged me, “Haven’t seen you around lately…” It was so sweet I wanted to hug her through my phone for checking in on me because, let’s be honest, I’ve totally pushed away the business of writing for the entire month of August…maybe a little bit of July and reveled in the delightful chaos of having four children at home for the summer. See you only get summer for so long. There’s swimming, splash parks, chores, cleaning (ha ha! They LOVED this one!) and visiting to be...

Weekend Inspiration

Summer is winding down here in Vegas. We’re busy getting into trouble = keeping cool and getting wet as often as possible. If you’re looking for a fun getaway before the reality of life falls on your shoulders again, check out a copy of A Heart So Broken and forget about sleeping. When you’re up to no good, you don’t really need sleep, do...

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