Weekend Inspiration

Two months ago, my little nephew was born premature and struggling. Every day that he spends in the NICU with determined and skilled nurses and his mother and father doing all they can to help him come home, I thank heaven for those who don’t just pray but do. I thank God for the friend who sent a woman to clean my sister’s home while she is busy loving her baby. I have usch gratitude for every hand that brings in a dinner or watches after her two other children. I love those nurses who fight for my baby nephew to the bottom of my heart. Every one of us has the chance to be angels walking on this earth. When we ask, we’ll know what to do, and I can tell you, you’re heart will never be the...

~ Happy Thanksgiving ~


During November, our family does something simple, but special every night during our time together at dinner. After blessing the food, we all take turns telling our our Thankful is for the day. My youngest believes in consistency and proclaims himself thankful for trucks every single day. My oldest daughter finds it humorous to be thankful for specific food items. My second daughter gets a hint from our rolled eyes and goes for something more thoughtful, like certain family members. My oldest son wavers between the ridiculous to the serious. Mr. Houston can be depended on to say something he really is grateful for. And I always think of the day and mention something that made me happy or exceptionally thankful. Today, with only a few hours separating us from a...

Vegas Valley Book Festival

I’ve been a part of some pretty amazing events of late, and I wanted to share with you. The Vegas Valley Book Festival is headed by a friend of mine, a kid I knew in High School who is making great things happen at the Historic 5th Street School, especially with this amazing Festival. I first attended the Festival for the fun it afforded my kids. They walked through gathering all kinds of arts and crafts, picking up books, speaking to authors, hanging out with Clifford and Super Why. It was lots of fun for them. That was several years ago, and I can say this year I wished I’d brought my kids with me again! There was so much happening for the kids: hands on fun, characters walking around, and all kinds of awesomeness to keep their little bodies moving...

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