A Mysterious Case of Mondays

You might think I’ve been hit with a case of the “Mondays” as I write this post. Symptoms include: Baby waking up early thinking he’s some kind of celebrity who needs a 5am feeding Dead car battery after charging it all weekend (cause someone left the door ajar…) Canceled plans Calling for rescue in the carpool It sounds like Monday struck again – but really, I’m taking it as a nudge. A nudge to write. A reason to stay home and get some much needed work done. So this morning I’ll be breaking out the tunes, getting inspired, and writing every moment I can. Music is such a useful medium for creating. These are a couple of songs that have been inspiring me lately: Dark and dangerous like the story I’m writing...

A {Killer} Review

Some weeks you’re the groundhog, down in your den and only peeking out when there’s something of interest – or in Punxsutawney’s case, when you’re dragged unceremoniously into the light to witness your shadow and condemn the nation to more winter or not see it and fuel our hopes of Spring. Either way, your job isn’t too glamorous. That’s kind of what writing is like. You have a lot of fun when you’re in the limelight, signing books and meeting wonderful readers, but there is a lot of unglamorous Punxsutawney moments. Things like writing query letters, ripping them up cause their crap and then writing some more, all in hopes of selling your amazing book to an agent. There’s the fun of researching agents and...

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