{Recipe} 15-minute Lasagna

Congratulations to Lindzee for winning the signed copy of The House at Rose Creek by Jenny Proctor! I’ve been a little MIA lately due to Disneyland, Memorial Day, a birthday tossed into the fixings and then this wonderful teasing thing called Summer Vacation. We start soon…I can taste it! But we still have a couple days filled with award ceremonies, blatant flash photography and trying to get out the door on time. In the meantime, I had to share a little something with you. Last night I made a dinner I think needs to be in your hands. It’s DELISH and even though we ate it like a herd of rhinos on stampede (grabbing a bite before rushing out for the preschool graduation) it was amazing and simple. How many times do those descriptors come together over a LASAGNA...

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