Meet the Mormons

A few weeks ago, I was invited to bring a friend and check out the new movie produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I walked in knowing a little bit: We would follow the lives of a few different people who were members. What I didn’t know was that these people could be considered your normal everyday humans, until you look at the way they live their lives. The way they follow the gospel of Jesus Christ is unique and I must say beautiful. In the movie, which is presented documentary style, you follow six people, from a congregation leader or Bishop in Georgia to a WWII veteran known the world over as the Candy Bomber. I loved the beautiful videography (the more I say that word, the more I wonder if it’s a real word), and how...

Oh The Places We’ll Go

Dinner Parties are fabulous, right? Let this be established as fact: A gathering of rather rowdy ladies with a taste for soup when Fall is only winking at Vegas, is a night not to be missed. Last night I had my friends over to plan out the year in books for our Book Club. It was…silly, enlightening, thoughtful, and boisterous in turn. There may have been one passionate argument over Wuthering Heights. The merits and faults were pointed out with gusto. There was a Naughty Corner where the occupants could be depended on to provide merry contributions to the conversation. We stayed up way too late. We ate soup, I personally tried all three salads (four if you count that one messy appetizer with balsamic reduction drizzled everywhere – it was delish!), and sampled...

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