Books for Freedom

One day I was driving and saw this little child walking alongside the road. He was alone, and in my eyes, much too small to be without a parent on that busy street. It struck me in that moment, when I felt the need to watch him in my rear view mirror until I saw him turn down another street, that I was ruined. Ruined in a beautiful way. I could no longer see a child and ignore the tug on my heart that just needed to know if they were okay. I couldn’t hear a baby crying in Target without wondering if there was some way I could help make this shopping trip easier. It has become impossible not to meet a baby’s eyes and want to pour the secrets of their soul out into my lap.  For me, becoming a mother doesn’t just apply to the children who I carried...

Operation Underground Railroad

I’ve rewritten this post several times in an effort to say just the right thing. To ease into a subject that is not easy. Because I’m used to using words to paint a pretty picture, to bring relief and laughter and light. But today the words I need to say start in the dark. In silence and suffering. They’re not pleasant to set your heart on, but the truth of them is a pain we must endure if we are to make a difference. Today I’m talking about child sexual slavery. The editor of LDS Living called it “one of the fastest growing and most lucrative criminal industries in the world today.” The very thought makes me sick to my stomach, because, like you, I have seen the pristine beauty of new life. My job as a mother is to stand like a lion at the gates protecting that...

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