10 Great Romances {Valentine’s Day}

We’re full swing into the season of LOVE and I had to share some of my favorite love stories: 

Romance You Can’t Put Down

Romances 2016

Reading is my very favorite form of therapy and ROMANCE is my genre of choice. Check these beauties out:


Glimmer of Hope

This one by Sarah M. Eden totally resonated with me. I loved seeing a married couple come through some rough times and find their way back.


Rough Edges

I really love reading this companion series to the Sweet Montana Bride books. Kimberly Krey hits a home run with everything she does. If you haven’t sampled her sweet romances yet, put it on your list!


Becoming Lady Lockwood

Becoming Lady Lockwood introduced me to Jennifer Moore’s writing, and I’ve been hooked ever since. This novel went on to win a Whitney Award and other honors. What’s even better for a prolific reader is that she already has other titles out including another fave: Simply Anna. So good!



Heir to Edenbrooke

This tempting prequel is just what I hoped it would be. I love hearing about Phillip, who I already adore from Edenbrooke. What I love most is seeing Marianne through his eyes as he meets her in an unexpected crash of fates. Julianne Donaldson takes us right back to what we love most about her novels and leaves us wanting more. 


The Distance Between Us by Kasie West

I read this during the spring of last year after finding it in a Scholastic Book Fair. Friends who become more than friends in a perfectly paced, sweet romance. I was NOT disappointed.


The Other Side of the Stars

If you haven’t discovered Katherine King’s debut historical set in post WWII America, you’re missing out. Her cover alone won a Best Historical Cover Award, and her story, woven with threads of romance, mystery and suspense will keep you turning until the final pages of resolution. 



This book kept me hooked until the wee hours after I picked it up seeking refuge after the drama that is the bedtime routine. I was so enthralled by Claire, her struggles and her genius and the surprising twists and turns in her story that I couldn’t put it down. During carpool the next morning, I exercised high levels of self control by not pulling it out while waiting in the drop off line. So good. 


Cookie Girl Christmas

After winning a Swoony Award for Best Christmas Novel, I had to include this tasty romance about a handsome Scrooge and a feisty baker. Even though the holiday is past, it’s the perfect book to snuggle up with while the snow is still falling in many parts of the country.


My Fair Gentleman

I just finished this last night, and I really enjoyed it. I’m obviously a regency nut, and this new novel by Nancy Campbell Allen delivered on the romance, drama and humor.  A really lovely tale.


A Heart So Broken

A Heart So Broken is your bonus book. Not only is it a sweet romance with plenty of tension, misunderstandings and eventually some swoony kisses, but it’s also FREE for the next two days on Amazon. Snatch up the story of Jenna and Cooper, thrown together in the middle of a small town summer. She’s overcoming heartache and bad choices. He’s recovering from losses of his own. The sizzle between them is undeniable until she uncovers a devastating truth. Confronted with the unthinkable, Jenna must choose between the comfort of misery or hope that can only come from forgiveness.



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