A {Killer} Review

Some weeks you’re the groundhog, down in your den and only peeking out when there’s something of interest – or in Punxsutawney’s case, when you’re dragged unceremoniously into the light to witness your shadow and condemn the nation to more winter or not see it and fuel our hopes of Spring. Either way, your job isn’t too glamorous. That’s kind of what writing is like. You have a lot of fun when you’re in the limelight, signing books and meeting wonderful readers, but there is a lot of unglamorous Punxsutawney moments.


Things like writing query letters, ripping them up cause their crap and then writing some more, all in hopes of selling your amazing book to an agent. There’s the fun of researching agents and trying to figure out if your book has “a unique voice” (umm…does not compute…need more accurate definition). There’s the editing which can be shades of fun and shades of misery. There’s the sneaking into your bedroom and hoping none of your five monkeys notice so you can possibly write one or two coherent sentences before their little radars go off and they come searching for you needing their apple cut (because you don’t let them use the sharp knives), their bums wiped (because they’re that age) or your opinion on a very long version of a very short story. Ha ha. It’s a good life, for sure, but there are those moments when you’re hiding, working away and don’t necessarily want to be dragged into the light to make decisions about the fate of nature. That’s kinda where I’ve been.


But this week is different. Today I couldn’t help but shout out to my girl Jessie Humphries. She’s been doing amazing things in preparation for her upcoming book launch on May 2nd here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Things like having an amazing Book Trailer created, hiring models (for Liam and Ruby) for her book launch, kicking off a great writing contest for LV high school kids and much more! Let me emphasize that you do NOT want to miss this event. Even better you can get YOUR copy of her YA Thriller KILLING RUBY ROSE on Amazon right this very minute. If I’m not mistaken, it’s still at the rockbottom price of $1.99 or um...FREE if you’re a Prime member. Yeah, a good deal.


I read this book last week while hiding in my groundhog den. Here’s what I liked:

  • Ruby Rose is a quirky teen enchanted with designer shoes and her own closet full of them.
  • She loves to name inanimate objects and I adore this part of her personality.
  • She’s super comfortable with deadly weaponry after her father’s careful tutelage. 
  • Her little romance with Liam – in fact I think he is downright adorable.
  • How she tucked things in The Cleave. I don’t know why. I just thought it was hilarious.
  • Ruby’s BFF shows up in her saddest moment and really helps her to remember herself. Isn’t that what best friends are all about?
  • Not knowing how it all would end until the last scene. The secrets underneath Ruby’s manipulation were only barely hinted at along the way and finally, everything comes to light in a huge revelation. 

The romance is just enough to keep an addict like me happy. There is violence (obviously) and some language but I would call it mild.

I don’t read a lot of thrillers, but I liked this one. It’s such an interesting concept and a struggle for Ruby when she is basically being turned into a serial killer despite her best efforts to help those she loves and innocent bystanders caught up in this web. It really made me think about what I would do in a similar situation (given the same training and more importantly, the same shoes!). Go check out KILLING RUBY ROSE and tell Jessie I sent ya. Then mark your calendars, because in less than a month, Vegas is going to have quite a party on their hands!


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