A Heart So Broken {Teaser}


So this morning, instead of going to preschool, my little Trouble is stuck in his room moping. I’m thinking about working out (totally going to do it after the next feeding session – totally), and in spirit of procrastination I’m blogging on a Tuesday, sharing a romantic teaser from my book A HEART SO BROKEN.

Here’s the setup: Jenna Tucker has just returned home from losing her cast – the one she got while hanging with her bad boy boyfriend BEFORE she came to West Junction. Her boyfriend and her cast are finally history and Cooper, the hunky football star of this little town, brings her home after celebrating:

“Thank you for tonight,” I said, looking up at him, wanting to tempt him and yet knowing I shouldn’t, “for everything.”

He came closer, leaning in. I loved the smell of his cologne mixed with fire smoke. His lips touched mine so soft it was a whisper. Chills raced down my body. His arms wove around me, pulling me in close to him, the heat of our bodies burning through the chill of the night. My fingers wove into his hair. I wanted to pull him closer, but simultaneously, we pulled apart. He slid his hands back into his pockets, his face conflicted. I walked past him, secretly breathing deep for one more inhale of his beautiful smell. I felt his fingertips run lightly down my hair as I passed. With my hand on the doorknob I whispered, “Night, Cooper.”

If you’re needing something spicy and sweet to warm up your winter night, check out A HEART SO BROKEN in Kindle and paperback on Amazon.com.




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