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So last night I was feeding my ADDICTION to baby snuggling. Holding my infant son while he slept and binge reading my second book of the day. My perspective alternated between pages and words and the blissful little man in my arms with eyelashes that seemed to be growing by the minute and a pair of the most kissable cheeks ever dispensed to a baby. His weight in the crook of my arm felt fantastic, a perfect bundle of squishy warmth and wiggles. I should have been contemplating my post for today or writing up a query and some first pages for the contests I’m entering. But that’s what today is for. Last night was for reading and snuggling, and honestly, I can quit whenever I want.


Today I am thrilled to share my interview with the fabulous Marissa Meyer with you. I seriously heart her twisted fairytale seriesThe Lunar Chronicles which includes Cinder – a retelling of Cinderella,


Scarlet that follows Little Red Riding Hood on some new adventures,


and her latest release of Cress – all about Rapunzel. I. cannot. wait. to read it!


With her launch of Cress in full swing, you can imagine Ms. Meyer is pretty darn busy. I’ve seen her all over the United States sharing, celebrating and enjoying some pretty awesome fans. I am thrilled she took the time to answer a few questions for us. You can learn so much more about Ms. Meyer on her website and find out how to JOIN THE RESISTANCE.

CH: We have a pretty open book club, but whenever I bring up cyborgs and fairytales they balk! How would you sell your books to a more conservative crowd or even reluctant readers?

MM: I know, it can be a hard sell with all of the genre jargon sometimes! But I hope that at the heart of the books is a great story, with action, romance, friendships, humor, and four girls trying to find their happily ever afters (and, you know, save the world). I recognize that my books won’t be for every reader, but I always hope that people will give them a shot before making that decision!

CH: Your query/agent hunt was remarkably smooth! Any tips for those still working on finding an agent?

MM: It’s certainly not any new advice, but it is really so important to make sure that you are sending out your best work before you jump into the query pool. Use critique partners, revise and edit and polish to within an inch of your life, read craft guides, hone that query letter until it sparkles. I so often see aspiring writers jump in before their work is really reader, but you only get that one chance to make a first impression – don’t waste it!

CH: I adore fan art and pinboards for helping us see your vision more accurately. Can you share some of your favorite Lunar fan art with us?

MM: Me too! Fanart is one of my favorite things about being a writer right now. Some of the artists capture it so well! Right now, everyone is pretty smitten with the pieces from Laura Hollingsworth, and with good reason – they’re gorgeous! I also really love how some fanartists have crafted sections of the books into graphic novel pages, like Abbida Squirrel on DA. I think it’s really cool to see the story come to life in a different format.


Cinder, Kai, Scarlet, Wolf, Cress, Thorne and Queen Levana by lostie815


By Abbida Squirrel on DA

Click on the images above to find out more about these artists and their work. 

CH: I’m thrilled with the arc of your series – something every writer struggles to keep fresh. I think part of your success is in your ability to weave new characters into the storyline with each new book, while adding to the original tale. How did you decide which characters or fairytales you would focus on in this series? 

MM: Thank you! I gave a lot of thought to how the stories would intertwine very early on in the process, and even outlined all four books before I started writing them. In the beginning, I was just brainstorming different sci-fi twists that I could give on some of my favorite fairy tales, and I felt like the four stories that I ended up choosing were the four that I had the best ideas for, and could most easily envision how they would all tie together to become one continuous story. So I went with it!

CH: Here at ADDICTED, we need to know: What are you addicted do? What are the things you can’t live without?

MM: Chocolate – the darker the better! And, naturally, books. I start to get cranky when I don’t have regular reading time – and there is never enough time to get caught up on the TBR list! I have many fantasies about locking myself up in a tower with endless shelves of books and just hibernating for a year or two. Maybe someday…

Locked in a tower with books…mmm sounds heavenly Marissa! Thank you again for stopping by ADDICTED today!

Don’t know what you’re going to read this weekend? Then it’s the perfect day to JOIN THE RESISTANCE and dive into The Lunar Chronicles. Let me know what you think!

AND DON’T FORGET!! A HEART SO BROKEN is on sale today and tomorrow for $4.99 on Amazon! And I’ll be signing books with some great Vegas and Henderson Authors at the Local Authors Collection Launch tomorrow from 12-2pm at the Paseo Verde Library at 280 S. Green Valley Parkway, Henderson, NV. Come on out and see me!



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