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Last week I was flying long distances, cramped into a tiny seat, crammed against the window, cradling my infant son in my lap while wishing I had the forethought to download a few books onto my phone with it’s negligible battery life to distract me when the grand view didn’t suffice. Needless to say, it was a very long flight. 6+ hours of endless nothing. I couldn’t get my “Amaze”ing phone to link up with the inflight internet to mindlessly scroll through Facebook, the only book downloaded onto my Kindle wasn’t cutting it…I kept rewriting it in my head and that’s just no good. And since my arms were full of sweet baby, I couldn’t write either (though I tried using my phone for that too. Just too slow!). Don’t get me wrong, I actually adored holding that little guy with nothing else to do. It was more the cramped conditions I was trying to distract myself from.

Now, with Nevada Reading Week only a few days away, I wanted to throw out a small list of books I WISH I could have read while flying back and forth across the grand ol’ US of A. Links are provided, so go download or order some of these puppies!


Cress by Marissa Meyers. I have been WAITING so impatiently for this third installment in the Lunar Chronicles to come out. I NEED to know what is happening to my favorites, Cinder and Scarlet! Join the revolution and get your copy today! (P.S. I met Marissa two years ago at the Vegas Valley Book Festival and she was SO nice and incredibly easy to talk to. Be watching for an interview with the fabulous Mrs. Meyers in the next few weeks!)


Elevated by Elana Johnson. Just out this past week, I’ve been drooling over the cover and premise of Elevated since the Cover Reveal not too long ago. I’d love a pair of those red heels, and I’m even more excited to dive into this book. I’ll be posting a recent interview with Elana very soon, so be watching to learn more about her, her methods, and this gorgeous cover!


My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick. I’m interested to see how the premise in this book pans out. Looking in on the perfect family next door completely rings true for my childhood.


Archived by Victoria Schwab – Libraries…but different. Intriguing…


Pivot Point by Kasie West. I can remember a lot of great recommendations on this book, but I never quite got to read it. Now’s my chance and it’s officially on my list.

What are you dying to read this week? Have you read any of the titles on my list? I’d love to hear what you think!

P.S. Looking for a great read? Check out A Heart So Broken on Kindle and in paperback on!

P.P.S Brodie Ashton, Lindsey Leavitt and Tera Lynn Childs will be signing books for all their Vegas fans tonight at the Rainbow Barnes and Noble. Grab your friends or your honey and go visit these talented ladies!

Happy Reading my friends!


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