Heaven Is Here

I just got done reading this book. Have you heard of Stephanie Nielsen and her blog NieNie Dialogues? Stephanie survived a terrible plane accident where she was burned over 80% of her body. Her history and the first year of her recovery are chronicled in her book Heaven Is Here.

Heaven Is Here

Somehow getting up to workout or chasing after my toddler seems more like a supremely beautiful gift than a struggle today. I can tell you I laid in my bed sobbing while reading this book. The pages blurred especially as I read about her struggle to reconnect with her sweet children. Stephanie had a two year old when the accident happened and I have a two year old. The comparison is too tender.

What I loved about her story were the moments she rememebered from the time she was in heaven. I have such a belief in heaven and angels watching over us. Her memories of that time and the people she visited ring true to my heart. I have a deep respect for the raw reality she describes in her painful recovery, her aching heart and body while she heals and struggles and the triumph of love that surrounds her through it all. There is an honesty to her voice that connects to your heart and has you weeping and cheering for her.

Nielsen family of Stephanie Nielsen

Pick up her book, grab some tissue and be prepared to kiss your kids until their cheeks hurt and hold your honey close. Her story is one that will make you look at your world differently. It’s one you won’t forget.

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