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It was almost bedtime and I’d been snuggled down writing for about an hour when the call came. On my husband’s phone. He put it on speaker and soon I was hearing that one of my dear friends had received my book with an added bonus. 48 pages of a novel that…shall we say…could make my little YA book blush. There were f-bombs and sex scenes flying! Yikes! First I was immensley grateful to have such good friends who would know this was not my writing! Second I wanted to laugh because this kind of thing couldn’t happen to a more willing recipient. I think life can be way more fun than fiction.

My printer assures me that this was an isolated incident, but consider yourself forwarned! Feel free to contact me here or at Christenehouston@aol.com if you get yourself a copy with racy scenes.

But it really got me thinking. If I had the chance to have someone Forward my book, who would I hope it would be? Whose words would I be proud to have spliced with my own, shedding a bit of their brilliance on my work? I only needed to glance across my bookshelves to see who I admire:

By Shannon Hale

I have loved Shannon Hale’s work since I first picked up her book Princess Academy for book club. Her way of writing draws you in, like listening to a fairy tale at your mother’s knee. She has a sequel to Princess Academy just out this August and I intend to sample that one as well. I’ve also loved Goose Girl and Book of a Thousand Days. In my daydreams we would be best friends, talk about deadlines and juggling babies and loving every last bit of it.

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

This womanis amazing. The fact that I could read her books numerous times, to myself and my children, puts her at the top of my list of people I would be honored to have writing in my book. I can’t even imagine how a conversation with her might go. I would be quiet, that’s for sure because 1) Her English accent would captivate me and  2) I have a lot to learn and flapping one’s lips is a terrible way to do it. I’m sure there would be tea and krumpets involved. And I would be in absolute heaven.

by Stephenie Meyer

No matter who’s camp your in, Stephenie Meyers will always have my admiration. For one thing, I would never, ever, have read a book about vampires and werewolves before Twilight.(Let’s be honest, I spent one of my birthdays reading that book in bed as a gift to myself.) And for another, she was writing a bestseller during swim practices and with little people under foot. Just like me. She gave me a lot of inspiration and courage when I desperately needed it. I looked around and thought – Hey…if she can do this, so can I! She’s another woman I’d love to have over for lunch. I’d make Chinese Cabbage Salad, I’d ask about her boys, then I’d listen while she told me everything about making your book into a movie and being on Ellen’s talk show. I can see it all now….

I could probably throw out a few more names of people I’d love to canoodle with in my written works and in real life, but this Lady will round things up.

By Sheri Dew

Sheri Dew has written a half dozen of the books on my shelf. She is a wonderful writer, and better, a powerful woman who uses her influence in her life and in the media to uplift, enlighten and empower women of all generations. When I’m reading her books I feel humbled and uplifted all at once. When I get done I’m ready to do something about those feelings. In my writing, my goal is ever to touch people’s hearts. Sitting down for a conversation with Sheri would be a life changing experience.

If any of you have connections with these women, hook a sistah up! And then tell me…who would be on your list?



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