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My initial order of books that arrived in three unassuming boxes on my doorstep sent shockwaves of glee through the house.

There was a good amount of squealing, unabashed revelations to all my piano students as they tromped past them (and I’m sure rolled their eyes at the crazy lady with the books!) and then hopeful waiting as orders came in one after another. I will never forget the first package of twelve books plopped onto the post office counter with all the pride of presenting a brand new baby. Or the final book in my collection sent to one of my favorite people in the world.

The best part isn’t the sending off of shiny volumes. It’s the reports like these from a local firefighter:

“I have always been a military supporter and those who protect us on a daily basis are already hereos in my book, and there families also. So many families have lost a father, son, brother who have given the ultimate sacrafice, those families will never be the same. Oh the joys of young love, the hope and the terror! Your main characters Jenna and Cooper, finally put it together and find love and respect for each other. The end of the book was the best when Jenna is able to forgive and then help another in so much pain…very touching and heart warming.  Overall I found A Heart So Broken to be very loving, powerful, joyful, emotional, and tear jerking.   You were able to bring all those aspects together in such great detail. The story was fantastic.”

Another friend, a widow of five years, called me the other night and literally left me in tears with her heartfelt thanks for the messages in this book that touched her heart. There is simply nothing like knowing your writing has helped someone in ways you never imagined.

I’ve sold out my first 100 copies and I can’t wait to see what happens to the next lot.

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