The Last Five – Book Version

Today’s installment of The Last Five comes to you over hot cocoa (needed the sugar boost after baby forgot he wasn’t a newborn last night and woke up every couple of hours!) and a bowl of Tostitos. Yep, breakfast of sleepless champions everywhere. Speaking of champions, are you even ready for the Olympics starting tonight? I am so ready!! (Attempts a cheerleader split and falls asleep halfway down…)

This new feature will always include the LAST FIVE of something. The last five dinner’s I’ve made, the last five places I’ve been, the last five agents I queried, the last five sentences I wrote, my last five posts on FB, etc. You get the picture. Today, it’s all in the books:

The Last Five Books I’ve Read

and their first sentences.

  1. “You’ve chosen this book for a reason.”- FAITHFUL FIT AND FABULOUS by Connie E. Sokol
  2. “Corbin Jonquil knew he really ought to be listening to the sermon.” – AS YOU ARE by Sarah Eden
  3. “Shane Emerson stormed up the front porch, undeterred by the dog barking on the other side of the door.” – CASSIE’S COWBOY CRAVE by Kimberly Key
  4. “Spencer shifted the papers on his school desk and looked for a hundredth time at the graffiti in the corner.” – JANITORS by Tyler Whitesides
  5. “Telepathy, of course.” -ON WRITING: A MEMOIR OF THE CRAFT by Stephen King

And just in case your looking for a great romance for your Valentine, here’s the first sentence from A HEART SO BROKEN by Christene Houston available in paperback and Kindle versions:

“Every downward spiral has its tipping point, the precipice from which normal life is hurled and nothing is ever the same.”

What’s on your Kindle, or waiting patiently on your bedside table? Share a first sentence, won’t you?

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