A Heart So Broken

A Heart So Broken by Christene Houston

A Heart So Broken by Christene Houston

Still wondering if you should buy a copy of A Heart So Broken for the reader on your Christmas list? Here’s a little sneak peak of one of my favorite scenes from the book where Jenna confronts Jared, her old bad boy boyfriend:

“I said your coming with me,” he said, grabbing my arm again. In that moment, instinct took over. In one fluid movement, I’d dodged his grasp and threw a right hook that connected with the bones in his nose. The nerves in my hand exploded in pain about the same time as the room when crazy. Blood spattered across my shirt. Someone screamed. I heard a string of filthy curses coming from Jared as he grabbed at his face. Jackson had me around the waist, pulling me out of the melee before I could get another punch in. My legs kicked out as he lifted me from the ground, connecting with Jared’s gut. Seconds later, Cooper had him in a head lock, with Colt rubbing his knuckles and every guy at the bar backing them up as they struggled out into the parkling lot. Somewhere in the periphery, someone dialed the sheriff.

“Easy, little sister,” Jackson murmured as I struggled against his hold, adrenaline surging through me, “I think you got your point across.”

“Let me go!” I cried.

“Naw, let the guys finish this one off,” he said, deftly avoiding my flailing limbs, “Sheriff Wilkins will be here any minutes, and I have a feeling that kid won’t be showing his broken nose around here anytime soon.”

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