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Kay, so last Friday I got some good news, good news that had me up until 2am writing and revising like crazy to get a query letter and first ten pages as good as I possibly could before my brain turned to complete sleep deprived mush.


You see, I’m going to this Conference in a couple weeks…ten days to be exact (not that I’m counting!!!). When I signed up for LDStorymakers, my goal was to register the moment I could in order to be a part of these awesome new Agent Workshops they’re having this year.


What’s so cool about an Agent Workshop? you might ask. Of course this is a good question, one I am happy to explain to you.


Instead of a 10 minute, nail biting, make-it-or-break-it session with your proposed agent, several agents are meeting in an intimate group to give you an in-depth analysis and critique of your query and first 10 pages. Um…AWESOME!! This means 90 minutes of talking with, learning from and gaining insight from a professional who knows how to get you published.


You can imagine my chagrin when I had to run and get my credit card and in those two point five seconds, my hoped for spot was swiped out from under me by another prospective author with better possession of their desired payment method. BOO-HOO!!


Well, that all changed Friday night. Someone in Laurie McLean’s group got an agent (congratulations to this unknown helper of my dreams!) and pulled out of the workshop. Yours truly was next in line. I AM SO EXCITED!!


Laurie McLean is pretty awesome. She reps some pretty neat authors. She appreciates the hybrid method of publishing that is growing so quickly these days (Indie + Traditional) and she’s got a substantial amount of experience under her belt.


For the next ten days I’ll be revising and perfecting my Regency romance so that when Ms. McLean falls in love with the first ten pages, I’ll be able to send her the rest for publishing.

That and throwing a birthday party for my girls, playing in the sun and generally enjoying Spring Break. What are you up to this week?


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  1. Jeigh
    Apr 14, 2014

    Yay! I’m so excited for you! That workshop is going to be so awesome. Good luck!

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