A Week Away

This week I’ll be away from home.

Six days away from my four little babies (thanks Mom and friends for making this possible!).

Days away from my honey, Mr. Houston.

A whole week of education in a variety of different subjects. I’m super excited about it. It’s the nerd in me that’s secretly jealous when my kids get to go back to school with all their shining rows of supplies. This week, I get to be student again, trekking around a Provo, UT campus all day long.

Yeah, it’s gonna be a great week. I’ll miss my babies and my sweetheart, but I know I’ll come back feeling better than ever.

I’m leaving you a few fun songs to rock out to (did anyone else rock out to One Direction during the closing ceremonies?), a short from my past files and a bit of weekend inspiration.

I’m hoping to receive my final format and perfected cover this week sometime so I don’t have to push my release date back again, but don’t fear. I know God’s timing is perfect even if it makes me stress a bit in between the remembering. Remembering that this is a wonderful journey and each step helps me grow a bit more. Remembering that each day gives me the chance to make things better than before. Remembering that time to breathe is perfect for this Mama of four who loves to write but adores being a mother.

It’s coming. The next bestseller and a party worthy of it. You’re going to love it.

Till I return…

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