Amy Cornwell {Sponsor}

My book launch is coming ever nearer (I seriously cannot wait!). To help celebrate, I contacted jewelry designer, Amy Cornwell to see if she would be interested in working on a unique necklace to give away at my Book Release Party October 5, 2012.

Amy was more than willing and after brief discussion, she created this:

There’s something special about having a token of remembrance for those we’ve lost. In A Heart So Broken, Jenna loses her father during his service in the military and the bite of loneliness for his place in her life is deeper than she can handle. I know many who have experienced unexpected loss who feel comfort wearing a keepsake that reminds them of their lost loved one and tells the world that they will never be forgotten.

Amy has other beautiful pieces you should check out. You won’t be sorry and you just might have a nice little list to hand your significant other when he asks what you want for Christmas this year.

I can’t thank Amy enough for being willing to partner with a new author and make my Release Party that much more amazing! Hope to see you there October 5, 2012!

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