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It’s so hot here in Vegas that we’re hiding out in our houses once ten o’clock hits and the temperatures are soaring over 100. My kids are antsy, begging for TV and computer games because going outside means imminent peril. We’re getting creative with Lego building challenges and made up homework to keep them from becoming zombies. While they’re busy I sneak in a couple minutes on my publishing homework.

This is one phase of the publishing process that can seem never-ending: the editing, revising and reviewing. Yet I feel the obligation to make absolutely sure that everything is perfect for my readers. The changes I wanted have been made to my manuscript, I’m having some young people read and review so I can get their recommendations, and I’m reviewing everything AGAIN before I send it back in.

This is a hideaway I could work with!

It can be tedious reading and re-reading, but it always thrills me when the same emotions I experienced while writing this book make goosebumps race up my arms again and again. I love it! For me, writing is about crafting a memory, a life made up of words that makes my readers to feel something. I know I can’t control what or how they feel it, but if I can get them to FEEL, I am successful.

My release date is September 7th, so mark your calendars for a huge party at the Clark County Library. When I get overwhelmed with the business side of things, I kick back and design my party, dream up fun giveaways and create recipes that I can share. It’s going to be a blast!

Beautiful old books...

So that’s the update. A Heart So Broken is weeks away from being in the hands of the masses! I’m working hard to make it a book worth telling your friends about.  Thanks to all who ask and support and cheer me on. Your positive energy is invaluable!

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