Decisions, decisions

I’m up late stewing over the latest in a rash of decisions, the result of which is changing my launch date to October 5th, 2012.

One of the bonuses of publishing a book is that you get to make some decisions you always dreamed you would. What will your cover look like? What will the synopsis say? How will you, a brand new author, introduce yourself to the world?

It’s one of the bonuses, but also one of the challenges. Tonight it’s a challenge. If everything goes right, I can keep my September 7th Release Date. There will be plenty of time to upload my cover and manuscript to the printer, review my physical proof and order and ship the books I’ll need for the party. But how often does everything go as expected? I’ve been learning to plan for challenges (not in a despairing kind of way, but in a life isn’t perfect kind of way). Plan for weather delays, plan for editors to get sick and take a day off, plan for middle men to get backlogged, plan for cover artists to struggle with a male silhouette for months to get it just right. Plan on being flexible so you aren’t wanting to cry each time the unexpected comes up.

Oh it’s tough to plan for such things. I have a vision and sometimes it is so focused I get worked up when things don’t go smoothly. I wonder if I’m ever going to get this book printed and out into the world after all?!

And then I take a deep breath. I realize how fun this is…I mean, I get to be picky about the male silhouette on MY book cover. I get to talk to a reporter for the RJ about when they’ll print the article on a Vegas Native writing the next YA smash! This is good stuff. Okay, I can wait another few weeks till everything is perfect, the books are ordered and delivered and I am REALLY ready to party.

So plan on October 5th, the first Friday in the month. There will be giveaways (Famous Dave’s BBQ anyone?), signings, yummy desserts and a few readings to wet your appetite for the next Bestselling book in Young Adult Fiction. See you then!

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