Need a Read?

Going out of town for Labor Day?

Driving or flying somewhere for a last hurrah to stretch out the warmth and delights of summer?

If you are, you definitely need something to read,


whether it is in the name of being a generous co-pilot (this one will keep you awake into the night as attested to by 80% of my readers who have reported back), or a reason to tune out the sweet but slightly annoying question from your backseat drivers “Are we there yet??”

Order your copy of A Heart So Broken today on, or B& OR get your e-copy right this second from my website to your Kindle, Nook or any other fabulous device.

You won’t be sorry.

You will be sleepless, but take it from one person who has been known to read late into the night to finish a book to another – it’s always worth it!

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