Phoenix Road Trip

Summer has been delightful. I spent a handful of days in Phoenix, AZ visiting the book club of my dear friend Amanda, and spending every free moment thereafter swimming and playing and talking until it was way too late for sane people to be awake. There is something amazing about friendships that span time and miles as though you had only been together the day before. You walk into each others arms years apart and there is no change, only a constancy of affection, a deepening of understanding, a tenderness of spirits that cannot be faked or pretended.

As was my mode this summer, I forgot to take picture of the book club meeting. It was intimate and delightful. I spent a good two or three hours combing through A Heart So Broken with great questions from these lovely readers. We talked writing and letting go of criticism. We talked about our families and the importance of role models in writing for our young people. We TALKED. We ate homemade cinnamon rolls from heaven. We sipped a tasty concoction while we were talking and nibbling.

There is something truly amazing about getting people together to talk about books. I love being in the middle of it and feel truly privileged when my book is the center of attention. My favorite moment is answering a question that has been bugging someone and knowing that my answer brings them a sense of contentment.

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  1. Heather
    Sep 5, 2013

    There us something amazing about those personal moments shared with others. And when “others” means people who have read and appreciate your work, I can only imagine how special that is. What a great post.
    Thanks for keeping the dream alive in the rest of us.
    Heather @ Exalted Peacock

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