Writing Retreat

About a month before I had my baby, I was invited to be part of this amazing writing retreat that would whisk me away from my little hooligans for a full four days and plop me in the midst of writing heaven. There would be great food (always a must, right?), wonderful company, and plenty of devoted writing time.

For anyone who is nearing the end of their pregnancy, you know I jumped at the chance to be a part of this weekend. First of all, I needed somewhere to focus my attention. I hadn’t written in months! AND I couldn’t think of a better group of writers to hang out with.

While we were there, we did writing sprint competitions. Of course there was one queen of the sprints and I have to tell you, she truly motivated me to write like the wind. And write I did. Intent on finishing my Regency Romance, I wrote every day until completing it Saturday night! I was so thrilled! During the process, I kept running into blocks from my critical brain, asking me why in the world I thought I could write this, until one fellow author mentioned how she often has to remind herself that the first draft of anything is always less than stellar and in need of lots of TLC before it will become the polished beauty of a manuscript we’ll willingly let others read. How I needed to hear that! After working on revisions in one book or another, I’d forgotten how rough the first draft could be and how important it is to just keep writing and get the darn thing done so you can begin polishing it up.

Other faves of the weekend included my driving companion, Jessie Humphries. I loved talking to her and getting her perspective on the whole publishing world. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the first installment of her YA Thriller available through Amazon.com coming this May. I visited with another author who talked about the pros of self publishing through Amazon. I learned SO much and these ladies were absolutely willing to share their thoughts and tips to success and I just loved them for it.

Perhaps my favorite moment was one of the last nights when one cute lady was spinning tunes for us, another was dancing, and all the rest of us were enjoying a break from marathon writing with some great music. I could not have asked for a better weekend, or more successful one either.

Here is the little excerpt I posted on FB that comes from my just finished book:

 “I wish…” he stopped himself and I shivered at the closeness of his voice. I dared not turn to him. I would not be able to resist pulling him back into my arms, no matter how disastrous the results. Instead I felt his fingers gliding over my hair and the deep sigh of his breath against my skin. Closing my eyes didn’t help for his face loomed beneath them.

“I could bear it all if only I knew I had not caused you pain.”

“Then you have not,” I said firmly, forcing my voice to be steady. “You did not hurt me, Gilbert. It is only inconvenient with the summer so close to an end. I will find someone else to answer my mother’s demands, that is all.”

I felt him step closer and desperately hoped he would pull me to him, that he would refute my despair and rescue me one more time from the darkness of this horrible day. But even as I hoped, I knew he could not and I could only struggle to hold back the tears when I heard him turn away.

“Goodbye Amy.”

(c) 11-2013 Christene Houston Rosewood

I’ll be polishing away until this little man of mine comes. When I get it into the hands of a great agent and publisher, I will let you know when to expect your copy.

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