The kids are back in school. My littlest is involved in preschool – a wonderful mess of coloring, fingerpaints and using scissors for the first time (well…officially. He’s already tried to cut hair around here, but we’re having selective memory loss on that one.) The best part is a couple hours every day of delicious silence. My belly is still swelling, making it harder to reach the keyboard, but I’m writing like no tomorrow. Gilbert and Amelia are thick into it and I can’t wait to see what happens to them. Check out my Facebook page for the latest teasers. They are tasty!  ...

Without Knowing More

A couple months ago, you might remember me feeling the jitters over a Short Short Story competition. 500 words, 1.5 hours, subject given on arrival. We had to use the phrase, “Today is my Friday” in our stories, but otherwise we were given full range of imagination. Here’s what I came up with. Enjoy! Without Knowing More by Christene Houston (c) October 2012   Nothing can prepare you for such scenes: the unexpected collision on a Vegas highway and the resulting maelstrom of the bodies involved. Jo worked on the little girl with damp blond curls, feeling a surge of protectiveness she’d never experienced before. A desperate urgency clawed at her as they raced to the hospital, puzzling Jo. At twenty-seven, Jo Erickson was well versed in...

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