A Thousand Words

Instagram is my new favorite app. You’ve got Facebook for catching up, Twitter for the every second updates and now Instagram for showing people those little snapshots of life. It has everything the repressed scrapbooker inside of me dreams of: The ability to take pictures on the fly, apply an effect to make them look ten times more fabulous, and then to caption and share the silly, fun or meaningful roads your life takes you on in a given day.Instagram, summer fun, pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

To this writer, that couldn’t be more true.

I can’t tell you the amount of inspiration I can take from one little photo. I mean, just look at my Pinboard for Scenes from My Next Books and you’ll understand what I mean. From this little collection of inspiration I could write a thousand stories. When I’m stumped for ideas, this board is where I go to prime the pump.

If you’re into Instagram – come follow me and then drop me a line so I can do the same. Who knows, you may provide the muse for my next great adventure.

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