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One day I was driving and saw this little child walking alongside the road. He was alone, and in my eyes, much too small to be without a parent on that busy street. It struck me in that moment, when I felt the need to watch him in my rear view mirror until I saw him turn down another street, that I was ruined. Ruined in a beautiful way. I could no longer see a child and ignore the tug on my heart that just needed to know if they were okay. I couldn’t hear a baby crying in Target without wondering if there was some way I could help make this shopping trip easier. It has become impossible not to meet a baby’s eyes and want to pour the secrets of their soul out into my lap. 


For me, becoming a mother doesn’t just apply to the children who I carried in my womb, but seems to extend an electric line of connection to every child I meet. That connection amplified when I was asked to teach children at church. As the leader of my little congregation of kiddos, there was one boy who seemed intent on making my life a misery. Every Sunday he would do his best to interrupt or basically be disruptive. I was exasperated until… until I found out that his family was dealing with painful issues that left him neglected and hurting. Until I saw him as more than a disruptive kid intent on acting out. Now I could see his interruptions as pleas for acknowledgement and tenderness. 


Graphic by Kiki Comin

When I first heard of Operation Underground Railroad, that innate love for children in my heart exploded at the thought of innocence being harmed in such a horrible way. I knew I had to do something. While I can’t save the world, I’m doing what I can. It’s no longer about your children or my children, but OUR children, the children of this world that need us to fight. Because every child deserve to feel the sun on their face in a place where they feel safe and loved.

Original graphic by Kiki Comin

Original graphic by Kiki Comin

This week, I’ll be donating the proceeds from all three of my books on Amazon to O.U.R. I can’t think of a better way to be a mother. I’m joined by talented romance author Kimberly Krey. Her book Rough Edges is the featured title for this fundraiser. Tristi Pinkston is offering her many books as part of Books for Freedom. 

Donating a few dollars can save the life of a child. Do what you can and then spread the word. Become an Abolitionist!


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