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When I was a teen, one of my favorite things to do was curl up with this darling little Christmas novel called Christmas By The Book, by Beverly King. For a night or two, I was transported to the snowy wilds of a cabin in Idaho where city girl Amanda has to pull off an old fashioned Christmas complete with wood burning stove. Taking that book off the shelf every year marked the beginning of the holiday season for me, a time when miracles happen and unlikely alliances are struck.

My dream when I wrote Cookie Girl Christmas was that it would join the ranks of beloved holiday novels that ring in the season from year to year. 

And since books make the BEST gifts, I’ve teamed up with talented romance writer, Kimberly Krey, to make it easier than ever to stock your kindle with holiday cheer for very little jingle. December 9-10th you can pick up Kimberly’s YA novella Getting Kole for Christmas, and my novel, Cookie Girl Christmas, for just $.99 each! What a deal!

Now that I’ve got your attention, here’s the synopsis on Getting Kole for Christmas:


For years Kylie has watched her older sisters get asked to every school dance there is. Yet once she’s old enough to go, the invites are in short supply. While getting overlooked has never felt good, it hasn’t really hurt the way it does this year. Because now there’s someone she really wants to go with: Kole Kingston. Kole is charming and funny. Gorgeous and kind. And everything she wants in a guy. Trouble is, he’s also her very best friend. Can Kylie tear herself free from the friend-zone in time to get asked to the Christmas dance? Or will she – like so many others – find that a romance between them will never be?

And here’s what Cookie Girl Christmas is all about:


Molly Hayes has one more job before Christmas and then she can put her plans for a storefront bakery of her own in motion. What she doesn’t bargain for is the handsome young Scrooge who insults her cookies and makes her blood boil. Toss in a heaping helping of snowstorm and a pinch of romantic old Inn and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for a not-so-silent-night.

Get your copies and spread the Christmas cheer by telling a friend. Find a cozy spot by the fire, fill your cup with cocoa and fall in love again this Christmas. 

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