Color Me Rad 5K

I just signed Mr. Houston and I up for this freakin’ awesome looking 5K at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in November.

See I don’t pick runs for their challenge level (unless we’re making sure they’re EASY!). I pick runs by how much they cost and how much fun I can have while doing it. This looks like a scene from a book, doesn’t it? Amazing, fun, hilarious things are happening in that crowd that just can’t be missed. I’m calling it research and going in with eyes wide open and shirt completely white in hopes of coming out drenched in color like I walked through a crayon box explosion.

You know you want to do it too. It’s irresistible! You should go sign up…right this minute…before the race is sold out. You won’t regret it. We’re talking color here, people!! So go, follow this link and sign up to run this 5K and get color crazy!

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