Cool Library Days

Speaking of books – this is my go to place for the latest reads and old favorites.

Windmill Library

Growing up I can recall many pleasant hours spent hunting for books in the library near our home. It became a place of familiar wandering…sifting through choices as varied as the colors in the rainbow. My siblings and I would leave with stacks of books: Ramona Quimbys, Mishmash (about a dog), this one series aout twin sisters who had all kinds of adventures and those great choose an ending books where you got to decide how it all went down.

The kids and I are creating our own library memories every week. My oldest daughter is into the Candy Fairie series and I adore seeing her munch through these sweet little books. My oldest is still poring over Star Wars and my second daughter chooses books with animals in them. My baby is just happy to stack the books on the shelf. If I keep him stacking he won’t toss them to the ground.

P.S. This will probably be the location of my upcoming Book Release Party. I’m so excited I can’t stand it. More to come on that.

What are some of your favorite library memories?

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