Dripping in Sugar {Recipe}

This weekend, we spent some much needed family time, soaking in good words and wonderful music.

Saturday I made up a batch of these sweet little confections.

Overnight Cinnamon Rolls by Our Best Bites

They’re the overnight variety from this wonderful little place called Our Best Bites.

I let the kids help a little, but cooking is kind of therapeutic for me…so I tend to get absorbed and it’s tough to balance their curiosity with my perfectionism. Don’t get me wrong, there’s lots of teaspoon pouring, kid mixing, egg cracking goodness in this house for my little ones. But sometimes, you just need to cook without any ‘help’.

The next morning, while we were gathering our notebooks and setting out treats to help the kids tune in, these babies were rising, then baking…and then being devoured.

It was good stuff. You should try it…but I warn you now. You will be running extra miles to work these sweet things off your hips. Go check out the recipe here. Believe me, you’ll want to stay and look around for a while. Enjoy!

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