First Day of School

Summer has come to an end here in Vegas. We’ve been slowly easing back into the routine of the school year. By slowly I mean we haven’t practiced at all. This morning will be our first time driving to the new school with the new drop off routines. (Wish me luck!) We’ve got pencils, protractors and fresh boxes of crayons. Everyone’s in their uniforms and they look so SHARP!! Lunches are packed, backpacks ready, hair done cute and they’re off. I think my littlest was more than a little disturbed that his preparations did not warrant him a place in school as well. He even has his backpack ready, poor thing. Thank goodness Preschool begins in a week and he will get some learning time too.

Hope your first day was grand! If you need some fun ideas, check out my School Pinterest board. It’s just chock full of the cutest things for making this new school year fun! Here’s just a couple I like:


Fun lunchbox notes and then this great lunch planner – can you tell we have issues with lunches? But I’m on it this year!


Click on my Pinterest link to find these great printables and links. I just love when creative people share their talents! Go check ’em out!

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  1. Heather
    Aug 28, 2013

    I love this post. School is stressful and exciting …both. I like the return to routine and scheduling quite a bit…but soooo many responsibilities. :p

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