For the First Time

A few weeks ago I had the profound experience of witnessing the last days of my Grandma’s life. Talking to Grandpa I realize they met in a time when relationships were different…sometimes distant. On the drive home I cried for a long time…you can’t cry when you’re there to help people, to lift them up and bring a smile when there is very little to smile about. But alone, in the car with the radio on, the tears were free to come just as much as they liked. It felt good to sob and remember and sob some more in gratitude and mourning. This song made me think of the realization my Grandpa was coming too. In those moments, when his wife was near death, he was seeing her for the first time. It was terribly heartbreaking and beautiful all at once.

Times are often hard, but don’t wait sixty years to see your love, to truly see them. Don’t wait.

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