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Today I’m feeling so sad. My sweet Grandma is so sick and my heart is breaking. It’s moments like these when the craziness of life grinds to a halt and what really matters rises to the top. Family…love…eternity…memories.

My memories of her run together in a rainbow of emotions: Her smile when she held each of my babies…the smell of Dove on her skin…her hands as tender as silk from daily use…when she would pick me up from school if I was sick…coming into our house with arms full of quilts she’d made (mine was Winnie the Pooh)…the smooth surface of beautiful ceramics she made and painted for us. This woman moved hundreds of miles from her home when she married. She raised six children and handfuls of grandbabies too. She taught herself how to drive in her twenties. She loved to read, crochet and serve and would often encourage me to play the piano and send her recordings.

In my heart she is the definition of Grandma – tender love, beautiful wrinkles and hugs that make you feel like the greatest and smartest person on earth. I treasure her.

This weekend I got to be with her again. This time it was my turn to serve her – combing her still thick and dark curls to soothe her, spooning food into her mouth so she could eat, placing kisses on her wrinkled brow and wondering if I would have the chance to look into her face again in this life. It’s so hard to see the change of time when it’s displayed in the increasingly feeble hands of ones you love. At these moments you see what is truly important. For her love I will be forever grateful. The chance to treat her with the compassion and charity she showed me when she was strong was a true gift. I love you Grandma.

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