Highlights from the Boca Raton, FL Retreat

This is a report from the Boca Raton, FL Write Your Book in a Weekend Retreat. All but 3 of the attendance finished their books in 2 (YES TWO!) days! Still don’t think it can be done? Well here are another half dozen people who prove it CAN be done and is happening every weekend retreat:

Lisa Wojcik struggled with the process of arriving at an idea that wanted to come out.   The retreat introduced her to a totally new creative process that is the exact opposite of all she had been previously taught about writing.  Says Lisa “I finaly learned to loosen up!” She finished her book in two days.
Karin DiPiero has wanted to write since she was very young.  She wrote her book in 12 hours!
BB Gould was amazed at how easily her second book just flowed out of her.  The idea, she says, just “popped in from the universe”.  She completed not only this one but several more children’s books at the retreat.
Sondra Sorkowitz started her book ten years ago and was amazed and thankful that she finished her book at this weekend retreat.
Nancy Duke’s book took many twists and turns and discussed subjects she had not anticipated.  After completing her book Nancy claims it was a great adventure and that she really surprised herself.
Michael DiBlasi appreciated the constant support through the process of writing his first book at the retreat.  The retreat freed him from self imposed blocks and allowed him to move forward to complete the book, whose subject he had not anticipated .  Mike says he is very grateful for the experience, that it has changed his life for the better.
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