Highlights of the Fountain Hills Write Your Book in a Weekend Retreat

Here are some updates from the Fountain Hills, AZ Retreat where 27 people finished their books in 3 days! I’m happy to say that four of them are living in my hometown of Las Vegas, NV right now. Check out the results of one weekend retreat:


Good job Bryan Perry, probably the youngest member of the retreat. Bryan is from Tempe, Arizona and said that he came to write for fun. He finished his murder mystery on day two of the retreat, and plans on writing many more.


Michelle Jazwinski is a highly innovative hair stylist from Las Vegas Nevada. She was writing her book to further her business interests, which involves a really radical hair extension system, which is really great. I know for sure, because my six year old daughter left with two hair extensions accenting her blond hair. One was blue and one bright pink and she told me that they were really cool, so they must be so. Used to being on her feet, sitting for as long as she needed to write her book was the hardest part for her. Michelle finished her book on the second day of the retreat.


Patrice Dickey is from Avon Estates, Georgia and is an award-winning author who has utilized my method of writing before. In fact, we have known each other for several years and she will be sponsoring a retreat in Atlanta this fall. Patrice ended up writing a book she totally did not expect to write, and loved the process. She finished her book on the morning of the third day.


Curtice Mang is a high school basketball coach from Phoenix. Curtis’s team did not make play-offs, which created room for him to attend the retreat to write his second book. His first was just recently released and can be found at www.mangwrites.com. Curtis is a political humorist and his writing is just a scream. Check him out. Curtis finished book two on day two of the retreat.


Lucie Zolcer Grimm from Las Vegas, Nevada is the wife of Musician Michael Grimm who won Season 5 of NBC’s America’s Got Talent.  Lucie pulled off an amazing feat at the retreat. She finished her book and was able to complete the revision of it as well. She proved to all of us that you can write a book and revise it in just 3 days.  Great job Lucie!


Before the retreat, Joy Niemann from Phoenix, Arizona has been writing her book for 10 years. Joy is looking to lovingly change the world. She completed her book on day two of the retreat.


Marita Klein from Phoenix, but originally from South Africa, really got into the flow even though she was writing in her 2nd language.  She plans to use her book to help her business as a personal coach and to help other people be free. Marita finished her book on day two of the retreat.


Joe Mitchell, a Boston attorney with a law degree from Harvard, wrote a motivational book and was heavily into revising it as the retreat drew to a close. Being a writer/spokesperson is something Joe is being drawn to do. And if he is even half as successful at accomplishing that as he has been in other areas of his life, he is destined to be a star.


Nikki Ballin entered into the retreat from the very blessed space of not knowing what she was going to write about coming into the retreat.  She hadn’t written since childhood and appreciated the ability to focus exclusively on writing and was able to regain the feeling she once had about the love of writing.  Nikki is on her way to launching her career as an author by finishing her first book, a fictional novel, on the second day.


Dora Marie Vernon from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, had already written a book using my method, but she kind of did so through a piecemeal approach. So by attending the retreat, she was really totally submerging herself in the experience of The Tom Bird Method for the first time, and she ended up writing a sequel to her first book.. I think that of all the retreat participants, she was the most surprised when she finished her book. She completed her novel during the early afternoon of day three.


Christene Houston attended the retreat as a sponsor from Las Vegas, NV. In between her busy days of helping writers and running errands to help the retreat run smoothly, she was able to add to a book already under way and finish it a few days after the retreat. This is Christene’s fifth book completed under the Tom Bird method, a paranormal romance and suspense novel.


Sandi Howlett from Phoenix, Arizona finished her book at the retreat. Way to go Sandi. A dream came true for her.


Connie Van Sant from Kingman, Arizona is a minister and an extremely motivated writer.  The book she completed will be used to launch her career as an author, aid in her business and has helped her clear past experiences. She is ready to publish soon.


Tui N. Conner from Scottsdale, Arizona is a survivor of my retreats. She finished her second book on the second day of the retreat and also served as the retreat time keeper.  She loves Tom’s retreats because they get her to, “show up, shut up, and write!”


Alaina O’Connor hails from Ann Arbor, Michigan and has had her book in her head for 10 years.  She writes extensively for her career, but never has had the opportunity to finish a book.  Her experience has profoundly changed her in ways she can’t fully articulate in words. She finished her book on day two of the retreat.


Barb Goldberg from Scottsdale, Arizona came to the retreat with a partially written book she had been struggling with for months. Not only did she finish the book but she was also able to tie all of the different aspects of the book together during revision. She is going to use her book to launch her coaching and writing careers. She finished her book on day two of the retreat.


Lucy Linder from Mesa, Arizona comes from a family of writers. The book she wrote had been in her head for the past few years and it came out as expected with an unexpected turn at the end.  She came away from the retreat renewed and re-energized to write, and ready to launch a 2nd career as an author.


Lori Howell from Carmel California is our National Retreat Sponsor Coordinator.  She came to the retreat to work and ended up finishing another book.  She wrote something totally unexpected and was very happy with the outcome.  I think this was her 8th book; she has written so many we have lost count. Utilizing her ability to do shorthand, Lori writes at an average of 7,200 words per hour.


Lisa Campbell comes from the Southside of Chicago, Illinois, but lives in Las Vegas. She has lived a truly extraordinary life and was actually named by Oprah as number 11 on her list of favorite interviews on her show. Lisa has a message that will speak to us all. She wrote furiously and passionately during the retreat and finished her long awaited book early in the afternoon of day three of the retreat.


Rhonda Davis from Washington, DC was the first author to finish her book at the retreat. Her book carries a very inspiring message. She has wanted to write it for quite some time. Last seen, she was well into the revision of her book.


Roxanne Beck is a healing physician from the Phoenix area. She completed her book on the morning of the third day. This is the first of several books that Roxanne has inside of her and plans to write.


Janet Thompson wrote and wrote and wrote. Nobody worked harder at the retreat than Janet and she finished her book on the third day. I was exhausted just watching her work.


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