I Knew You Were Trouble

Of course we’ve been listening to this song… and then changing the lyrics to fit the little man in our lives who just happens to have this nickname. Ha ha! He has been so adorable lately. Still Trouble, but just the sweetest little man. I love him to pieces!

But back to the song. I don’t know why, but watching the music video filled me with such emotion! I guess as a mother I can’t listen without thinking of two little girls in my family who are the most precious things on the planet. I think of every young woman I know and how tempted we are to follow that guy who has some kind of IT factor, no matter how our inner compass is SCREAMING to run the other way. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way. Sometimes we don’t. I, myself, am grateful for that inner compass that has kept me out of the worst of scenes because I was just willing to care about what it was whispering. To all my beautiful, young friends I say this: there is nothing glamorous about being used. You’re purpose is far greater. Live up to it!

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