I Miss You

I was driving my five-year-old to school when this song came on the radio. Suddenly I was thinking of Jenna Tucker from my book A Heart So Broken and how lost she is without her Dad after his death while serving in Iraq. All the emotion I felt while writing about that loss welled up in my heart again. Isn’t music amazing that way?

I was surprised to find out that Miranda Lambert wrote this song with her husband Blake Shelton. It’s about the loss he experienced as a teenager when his brother died in a car accident. For many, it speaks to the heart of losing someone you love.

Everyone responds to tragedy differently. For Jenna it’s a downward plunge – frantic, angry rebellion at losing her best friend and supporter. She shows her grief by skipping school and dating motorcycle-driving boys with tattoos. It’s only after a vivid dream that Jenna is able to begin her healing process.

The lyrics say, “I’m not going to ever get over you.” Because we choose to love, loss becomes a painful part of all of our lives. We never truly “get over” it, yet we begin to recover and find hope for happiness again. What was the tipping point for you to begin healing?

Songs like these make the missing just a little more bearable.


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