In Remembrance…

We still remember that awful day when the world stood still in horror. We remember the ones we lost, the heroes who gave everything and those who continue to fight for our freedom. We remember the mothers who became widows, the children who would never know their fathers. We remember love and hope and innocence and how they were shattered.

I remember hovering over the radio at work and then rushing home when my boss gave the okay and weeping on the couch in sorrow for my family – my American family. It felt so desperate and horrible.

And then I remember the blessed feeling of driving down the strip and every marquis saying “GOD BLESS THE USA!!” In Vegas, no less! It was a vision of who we really are, stripped of all the masks we wear. We’re Americans. We are good, honest and generous people, by and large, and we love God, no matter what name we may give Him.

Today we’re remembering – the bad and the good. And thanking God to be part of this great country.

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