In the Rain

We woke up to rain…

The kind where the clouds are low, thick and gray.

I love when they layer on top of each other, values of dark and light, spun with flashes of lightning.

The sky grumbles unexpectedly and we all pause at the table to smile, because rain in Vegas is a precious compliment after a long hot summer. It tickles your face when you run out to your car and laughs at your crusty windshield wipers as they struggle across your windshield. It tricks the streetlights into staying on into the morning.

Mr. Houston has been up since 1am, working, but he offers to take the kids to school so I can curl up on the couch in front of our large window, the door open so I can listen to the inspiration of water splashing on the front walk and dream up the perfect exchange between Jake and Bryn (coming soon…I hope!). My man is such a sweetheart. So I make our bed and leave a love note because I know he’s exhausted and will need a nap. I make him breakfast and an extra piece of toast. I love that man.

While I was out taking pictures I remembered the football my little football player threw up on the roof. He tried to get it down with the broom…you can see how well that worked. We keep forgetting about it (don’t ask if I’ve swept my kitchen floor in the last few days). Maybe the rain will bring it down for us.

Until then, I’m going to curl up with the blanket Grandma Graff made and spin stories. Enjoy your rainy day…


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