LDStorymakers Conference

Okay, so my excuse for not taking any pictures during this conference is that I was busy learning. Learning how to write a rockstar Query Letter, learning how to practice my writing, what’s essential for YA literature and my best subject yet – how to hyperventilate over giving a Pitch! I am an All Star at this one.


The best ever.

I don’t think there is anyone who can lose more sleep over trying to sell a book to a sweet little unassuming agent than I can.

But enough bragging.

LDStorymakers was my first conference and I just loved it. There were great people, from the table of Christene’s I met the first morning (strange but also kind of awesome)…

To the talented writers I met and learned from like James Dashner & his agent Michael Bourette who taught us that Agents are human too,

James Dashner author of Maze Runner

James Dashner author of Maze Runner

Tyler Whitesides (we met in the hall and he told me a creepy Vegas story and I tried to steal borrow his ARC of Book 3 in the Janitor’s series for Carter. It would have been returned, honestly.)


And amazing first class by Elana Johnson.

possession new[1]

I met writers from all over the country and became fast friends with people just like me.

The last night was the Whitney’s. I was exhausted. My brain was throbbing from over-stuffing it. I almost stayed home. But Steve Westover was going, and I had the ticket, plus I had to eat anyway, so I went.

I was so lucky to be there. I got to fangirl over Julianne Donaldson’s double win for Edenbrooke, hold back tears during Lisa Mangum’s touching acceptance speech and rejoice with my hallway friend, Traci Hunter Abramson, when she won her first award and had to give up her dreams of becoming the next Susan Lucci.

The BEST part wasn’t the mousse cake at the end of dinner. It was sitting at a table full of accomplished women and talking craft and agents and the HOWs of this business. I felt so energized by their beauty (we were a pretty good looking table!) and talent. It was awesome!!

So thanks, LDStorymakers, for a great conference!

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  1. Heather
    May 20, 2013

    I’m so jealous of the experiences you had and can’t wait to visit with you and learn from you done of the coolest parts. It is so neat to watch each other grow in this business of being authors. Thanks for sharing.

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