I’m one of those people who is cautious. I enjoy watching from the sidelines. Mr. Houston loves to speed around on quads and motor bikes. I like being the passenger, holding on and letting someone else do the driving. Making decisions means thought and consideration. There is no flying off the handle, acting rashly for this girl – oh no.

Well, in situations like which school your kids should go to, or which toothpaste will actually whiten your teeth without making it hard to eat ice cream, having a thoughtful personality can be a great thing. But in other ways, it can really hold you back.

Take, for instance, registering for a popular conference. Let’s say you don’t have your credit card numbers in hand because you’re still considering if you want the beef dinner or the pork, when it really doesn’t matter. By the time you check out, the limited number of spots for the agent workshop you were dying to be in has suddenly been filled and you’re stuck with a pitch interview instead. Yep…not such a great characteristic at that point.

In an effort to curb my propensity to overthink and therefore miss out, I’m taking a word for the year. That word is LEAP. Whenever I face an opportunity, a crazy, somewhat wild idea or otherwise have a chance to do something slightly scary and even more exciting, instead of holding back for prolonged consideration – I’m going to LEAP.

Check back on Friday to see what that will look like for this Blog. I think you’re going to like it!

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