Letting Go…

Today was one of those running days…you know the kind where every. single. moment. is accounted for? You wake up after staying up late too read “just another page or two”, clean up the errant lumps of syrup from the counter and stray Cheerios threatening to be crunched to dust before you can sweep them up. You balance piano lessons, demands for Diego and the summer predisposition to not actually get dressed until after noon. You meet teachers and drop off supplies and want to say impolite things because the A/C in your car isn’t working up to snuff and you’re driving on the surface of the sun.

You’ve all been there, I know.

So today I put aside my need for perfection and let my son frost his birthday cake. Not in a “no one else will even frost my birthday cake” kind of way, but more like a “Mom is actually letting me frost my own birthday cake!” He was thrilled. AND, he did a fabulous job while I lay spread eagle in front of the fan after said outing in blazing sun. It was awesome. Even more awesome to tell all his buddies during his party tonight what an amazing kid my almost ten year old is.

You know…it’s not so bad letting someone else decorate the cake. It made for a little less crazy of an evening and boosted one sweet boy’s esteem in himself.

Even with all the running, I look back with a sense of peace over it all, peace that comes from accepting that being super Mom isn’t always about doing everything for everyone. It’s about letting go and creating moments where joy creeps in and washes all the distractions away.

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