Letting Go

Do you ever have a hard time following your bliss? Is it a series of excuses and obligations that you made before you realized what you were truly meant to do with your life, and now…you just don’t know how to let go of what WORKS for what breathes LIFE into your soul?


For me, it’s saying NO to the comfortable familiarity of the knowns. With five little people trying to tell me what to do and where to be, my time to work on my craft is extremely limited. Well, if I want to sleep and eat and maybe use the restroom once in a while. And let’s establish that I do. So I’m faced with decision and making changes. We’ve already talked about the fact that I over think (right? You know this about me…), therefore, every decision becomes a back and forth.

My inner impulse, my divine drive says, “Drop that activity. You need more time to do what you love.”

My mental side kicks in with, “But that’s how I make spending money and is it really THAT many extra hours?”

The divine, “Um…do you remember how many kids you have? Homework? Chores? Works in progress? That hall that has STILL not been vacuumed?”

Mental, “Someone will eventually vacuum the hall, sheesh!”

Divine, “The point is, there are only so many hours when you’re a Mother who loves her life’s work (aka mothering). Something has to go and God will make up the difference in your spending money.”

Mental: “Eeek! An act of faith and trust.” Trembling ensues.


Why is it so hard for us to remember that, while we can have it all, it is unlikely that we can have it ALL AT ONCE?

We have to be willing to allow ourselves room for growth, room to say no, room to follow our heart’s purpose with the time we have on this earth. I think it’s hard to do that because we hate letting people down. However, I have come to understand that when we say NO, we’re actually giving someone else the opportunity to shine. Someone who might have been overlooked because we’ve become that GO TO person for so long. But when we back out and admit that we have to honor our priorities, we GIVE SOMEONE ELSE a moment to flex their TALENTS and SHINE their light. Doesn’t sound so bad when you think about it that way, does it? So instead of saying NO, you’re saying, “I’m willing to let someone else have the chance to BLOSSOM.”

Today I’m making that LEAP. I’m honoring my inner divinity and choosing to allow someone else a chance to blossom in something I have grown comfortable doing for over ten years now. Because in letting go of this obligation, I am opening my heart to what I’m truly here to do. More on that to come.

What could you let go of today, or SOON, to allow yourself time to follow your passion?



  1. Katie Dodge
    Feb 4, 2014

    Oh, Christene, how I love you and this post! I needed it so much!!! Thank you, thank you! I miss you, btw. Hope I get to see you at Storymakers!!

  2. Jeigh Meredith
    Feb 4, 2014

    I love this, and I needed to hear it, too! Thank you for speaking to my heart 🙂

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