Oh The Places We’ll Go

Dinner Parties are fabulous, right? Let this be established as fact: A gathering of rather rowdy ladies with a taste for soup when Fall is only winking at Vegas, is a night not to be missed. Last night I had my friends over to plan out the year in books for our Book Club. It was…silly, enlightening, thoughtful, and boisterous in turn. There may have been one passionate argument over Wuthering Heights. The merits and faults were pointed out with gusto. There was a Naughty Corner where the occupants could be depended on to provide merry contributions to the conversation. We stayed up way too late. We ate soup, I personally tried all three salads (four if you count that one messy appetizer with balsamic reduction drizzled everywhere – it was delish!), and sampled each of the desserts, two of which were pumpkin somethings. Yeah, it’s Fall everywhere else, and we’re going along for the ride whether the weather in this town will coorpate or not.

My babies were out at the park with Dad, my youngest quietly tucked into his crib to sleep the night away while we talked and laughed and plotted. Good people have that effect. Books were the frosting on the cake.

We now have a list. A list of adventures we’ll embark on throughout the year. One trip a month might sound exhaustive to the average traveler, but we’re well schooled. We know just how to pack. We rent from libraries, share bought copies, download digital and audio. We listen to them while we’re folding laundry or wiping dishes. We read just before bed or well after bedtime. We take them a piece at a time or sometimes in one prolonged chore-neglecting gobble.

 I’ve been needing this night. Needing the splurge of cleaning that wiped away a month or two of dust and vacuumed carpets so the baby wouldn’t do it for me. Needed the brain food of planning an engagement, folding maps into fans and pinwheels and laying out cutlery. Needed the push to look for books, to be listening when others exclaimed over favorite titles and recommendations that stayed with them. Needed the bustle of 10 friends gathering around me, laughing, talking, sharing. Needed the absence of heaviness that the last two months have brought – lumbering elephants with too much for dinner and no urge to move on. I needed Book Club. I needed every facet of it.

So with the year ahead poised in anticipation, I look ahead. October is my favorite month. I intend to enjoy every single day.


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